Life doesn’t get in the way

Life doesn’t get in the way.
Our own fears do. Our own thoughts do.

Sometimes we fail to keep our promises.
Sometimes we fail to stick to our routines.
Often we also fail to put in more than what is necessary.

But the good news is, we have the power to change that. We can be who we are, we can have what we choose to have, we can do what we want to do. All we need is the fire. The Why strong enough to help us walk through walls.

You may fail a thousand times but beating yourself up will not help at all.
Yes, we are humans, we make mistakes. We even repeat them far too often. But that doesn’t define us as failures. What matters is whether we get back up and fight.

Failure is not the blow life puts your way.
Failure is the inability to punch back. Failure is to quit.

So strike your inner fire and become impervious to the pangs of failure.

It’s okay if you feel miserable now. The battle is not over. You can still win at life, regardless of your age, race, gender, or creed. Success doesn’t judge you by your appearance, it only sees your sincerity, your hard work, your dedication, and commitment.

Start with small choices.
Make small changes to your life.
Persist, truly persist, until they become your habits.
And in time, reap the fruits of your own labour and sacrifice.

And even if you fail, or get misled, distracted, do not beat yourself up with negative self-talk. Just accept the fact that you are a human being and that mistakes are only the stepping stones to your greater reality. Take responsibility for your failures but don’t settle.

Persist without regret or fear and witness the magic of the Universe unfold.
Don’t let your fear and doubts overtake you.

You will get there. I promise.
Keep defending your dreams.
You are doing good.

Life doesn’t get in the way.
Our own doubts and fears do. So, don’t let them win.


Strike your inner fire.