Making Peace with the Present

Things are always going to fall over if you let. Things are always going to go wrong if you expect. But regardless of all that happens around you, you can indeed strive to actually take a quick time out and seek the calm. You just have to allow your thoughts to settle. And make peace with the present.

Things are not always as bad as it may seem, sometimes your own fears and doubts make it so. You have to see the situation from a higher plane of thought to really perceive the truth of the reality.

Life puts up twists and turns and bends on your path so that you can learn to maneuver your journey through life and experience the great thrills. It’s all for you.

Don’t resist the uncomfortable situations, the painful heartbreaks, they are there for a reason. Learn to make peace with the present.

You know that you are the Infinite.
That you are the Life Force.
That you are the pure extension of what you call God.
Maybe you don’t yet, but let me tell you that you are.

Your circumstances don’t define you so don’t you dare react with the negative. Believe in who you truly are and don’t your reactions reflect otherwise.

You ought to know that you are the Infinite. That whatever be your demand is bound to manifest. That you are the Master of the Universe, yes, the Creator of your own destiny.

Make peace with the present. The circumstances you see in your reality are only there because your own fears and deep insecurities have found an outlet through your thoughts and actions.


If you are enjoying a pleasant situation, thank the Universe. And if you are not, do it still. Yes, even if you are in an unpleasant situation, thank the Universe. You cannot afford not to. You must make good use of your thought energy to manifest better realities.

Dwelling in the unpleasant situation will only make it worse. Therefore, allow your thoughts to settle and make peace with the present.

The unpleasant situations might be painful and awkward but in the greater reality of things – they are just reminders that your own judgments and thoughts need to change. That they are not in harmony with what the Universe is trying to deliver.

Seek the harmony in this present moment and see your realities overflow with goodness and abundance.