Concentration of Thought

Every day we think about 60,000 thoughts, and if we choose to, we can direct a good amount of our thoughts towards our highest ideals and our grandest dreams. Yet, we get so caught up in our lives that we rarely consciously notice how many thoughts we squander about daily, just making it through the day.

You can use your thoughts to build and attract your dreams. For your thoughts hold immense power. Like the rays of the sun, if spread out and applied all over the place it hardly makes much of a fire, but if you can concentrate your thoughts steadily on a single subject you can do great wonders. You can make impossible breakthroughs; find unattainable solutions; receive new ideas – almost instantly. That is power of concentration.

Lighten up the fire of your dreams, gather your thoughts and let it work wonders for you.

You may face a thousand problems every day but if you can focus your thoughts on the solutions you will be amazed how fast your mind can come up with possible answers. And so it can be with your dreams and goals. When you concentrate deeply on your dreams, when you really look for ways to see them manifest you will begin to see the numerous paths open before you.

The more you focus on the things you truly want, the easier will it be for you to see the paths which will help you manifest the things you desire. And then, all you have to do is dare to act. Life is a magnificent journey. It is full of surprises. It will bring you what you ask for. So ask big, concentrate your thoughts, and dwell on your grandest dreams without fear, and surely the path shall open up for you.
And when you see the way, just dare to go.