Just Decide

You have the power to frame your own futures. The power to change your realities, to create everlasting happiness, joy, and opulence in your life. Just decide.

You are a child of the Universe, you are an extension of that which you call God. And so is every other being in this universe. Therefore, demand big and infuse your life with constructive action so that your presence makes more life for all. When all your demands are in harmony with the greater good of your fellow men, then the Universe can’t help but attend to your wishes, your grandest visions. Therefore, just decide.

Decide who you want to be. Decide what you want to accomplish with your life. And then go after it like a tank, with unstoppable determination. For the man who moves with steadfast determination inevitably gets what he seeks. Just decide.

The Universe awaits your orders. Shrug off the doubts, the fears that trouble your mind. And begin to see the greater Truth, the source of Infinite Life within you seeking to manifest. It wants you to do wonderful things. It wants you to express your highest self. For it can only express itself through you. Therefore, be not troubled by the petty thieves of the mind, the doubts and the fears, and step out into the Sun to express your greatness this day.

There are so many just tired and scared. So many seeking inspiration. So many seeking an example to strive towards. So many waiting to feed upon your inexhaustible sources of pulsating energy which pushes you to your greatness. Would you stand up and show them the way?

What do you want? Just decide.
It doesn’t matter if you seek only money, or fame, or glory – they are valid aims to strive towards. For in the end, in accomplishing the things you earnestly seek in your life, you BECOME someone far greater than you could have ever imagined. That is the gift.
The fame, the glory, or the material riches would then no longer matter. The realization of powers to create your own realities, your powers of endure and walk through failure, to persist and make good of whatever comes by, to believe in yourself, and the realization of your powers to seek and recognize who you really are, will have value far greater than any of the things that riches could buy or attract.

Just decide. Dig down to unearth your greatest dreams, your grandest visions, your highest ideals, and go after them like a tank. Listen to your heart. Listen to the whispers in the air, the silence in the chaos, the calm beneath the waves. The Universe eagerly seeks and restlessly awaits your command, for it is only through you that the Universe can express its boundless wonders. Ready?

Steady your heart and plunge into this adventure called life. You can become anything you want to become, you can have and do anything that will help you express yourself in fullness. You just have to decide. And the Universe shall bend, twist, adjust its course to make it happen for you, and for all who benefit from your vision.

How are you going to serve the world? Just decide.


There is no limit to what the Universe will do for you if you use
what it has given you –  to help others.