Harmony. The magic thread that holds relationships together.
If you want strong and lasting relationships in your life, then you ought to nurture the practice of harmony. Well, that does not mean that you are to be a doormat for others to walk over, but to be a kind and patient human being who uses love and generosity to build and reclaim relationships.

When you are in complete harmony with a person, you make way for love to take root and flourish. And with that, you also open the way for trust, great understanding, and cooperation – which are the essentials of every strong relationship.

You can attain harmony with anyone just by being a little mindful of the situation and by putting yourself in the other person’s shoes. Of course, our egos play a big part in our relationships. And it should. But that does not meant you are to be heartless and unforgiving.

Give freely of yourself, without expectations. Let others know the fact that in dealing with you they shall have an increase for themselves. Give without judgment. And when people notice the immense value you give of yourself, they will be attracted towards you and your affairs. People will seek to be in your presence, your friends will enjoy your company, if you only give off the good energy, the positive vibes.

Judge not, and give freely of yourself. When you choose not to judge the other person, you are free to express 100% of your authentic self without fear. And by doing that you are able to build trust on a level much deeper than any of the external pretentions of bonding.

Therefore, seek harmony by giving of yourself – and your relationships shall miraculously heal and prosper.

All your relationships are important. Yes, all of them.
So practice harmony. Give freely of yourself, and expect nothing in return.
Give more than is necessary, and put your heart into every friendship and relationship you have had. And people will be impelled towards you.

You have to be the greater person. Forgive. Once, twice or even more.
And give off so much value into the relationship that the other person would think twice before letting you go. All your relationships are important. So protect them. Practice the art of giving out love, and witness the magic happen. Perfect harmony will spill over into every area of your life.

Often, conflicts come about when you do not add enough value to the other person’s life.  Accept it. Take responsibility of the fact that all your sour relationships are sour because they haven’t received enough value from you to even give a second thought. So now, endeavor to give of yourself without judgment. It will not be easy, especially for all the damaged relationships, but it will be worth it.

Love and generosity can win. They can dissolve egos and settle conflicts.
Therefore, let love take you over, to bring in the divine harmony into your life.