Learning From Failures

We like to think we are in total control, while we may actually not be.
We devise glorious plans. We want everything to work out our way. And more or less try to assert our will into everything we do. Yet, we still fail.

Why do we fail so often?
Why do the things not happen the way we want them to?

There is a Mind which knows all there is to know. It brings the seeming failures to you so that you can learn the lessons and move on to a higher space where you can enjoy the manifestation of your desires. These failures are actually the greatest boons of your lives. They teach you and prepare you for the greater things to come.

Failures are not bad. They may hurt. But they bring us the essential fuel with which we can kindle the fire of greatness within us. Therefore, don’t resist the failures. Embrace them, learn from them.

The first time you fall off your bike. What do you do?
Do you quit? Or do you ask yourself what went wrong and try again?
What you learn from your failures is worth way more than the pain it causes you. Setbacks and hard times are always going to pop up in your life. They are the vital challenge fights in your life that give you the opportunity to level up.

Do not fear them. And neither let them define you. Surf the waves of life, and embrace the falls. You don’t need to control the waves, you just need to find the balance. The thrills of life are waiting for you.

You don’t need to have everything figured out in your life either. Just relax and ease in.
Listen to your soul crying out to you. It wants you live a full life, it wants you to chase the dreams you’ve always dreamed about. You might fall a couple of times, but you’ll learn how to surf the waves of life. And find joy within.

You don’t need to control the waves, you just need to find the balance.