Work your time

Time is the most precious resource you have.
How you choose to spend it will determine the quality of life you’ll have.

Time is not something you squander away; it is something you learn to utilize to your greatest benefit. Whether you spend the next hour (or two) scrolling through your facebook feed checking out updates from your friends, or whether you spend your time reading a few informational blogs that can advance you in your career, is totally your choice.

How well are you using your time?

Many complain that they do not really have enough time every day to invest in reading, exercise, or other developmental activities. That they are just too busy struggling through the day and they’d consider themselves lucky if they get a good night’s sleep. In such cases finding time seems to be a really tough challenge. They want to work out, they want to put in an hour every day to learn how to code, but they are just too tired by the end of the day to even put it in the minimal effort.

I understand, I’ve been through this shit.  And the good news is, there is a way around it. You just need to put your priorities in order and start with small really insignificant habits.

So you want to get fit? Just do five crunches every day. It’ll hardly take 10 seconds.
Want to learn code? Just spend ten minutes daily watching a code course video. That’s it.
Want to write a book? Start with just hundred words every day. 10 minutes will do.

Even if you are dead tired after the day’s work – I am sure can push in 10 seconds to a few minutes daily into your day without draining more of your energy. And more importantly, much of the lethargy is only in the mind. You just have to overcome that barrier of energy threshold and push your limits every day. For every single minute of your life is important and how you choose to use it will certainly define how you live your life in the near future.

Time is the most precious resource you have.
How are you going to spend it?

Even if you are time-starved now, leveraging small habits to do what you truly want to do will open new doors for you that’ll help you prioritize better, eliminate bad habits from your life, and bank on your vision with small but incremental progress every day. That’s how all the greats built their lives too. They spent their time wisely, sowed the seeds of good habits, and reaped the returns of their compounding progress with time.

The key is to start small. To build tiny habits aligned to your greatest dreams. And then to discipline yourself to follow through. Time is on your side. You just have to push your limits daily – to make the most of what you have. Therefore, choose wisely and be mindful of how you spend your time. For it is the most precious resource you have.

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