That is the only thing you need to change to change your circumstances.
Your thought is the only thing you need to control. For everything else takes root upon your thoughts. For everything else follows the channel of your thought.

To think wealth in the midst of poverty, it’s hard. Yet if you so choose, you actually can think of wealth even if you are spending your days in want. It seems almost pointless. But indeed you do have the ability. (Hint: See the wealth in the little things that you already have.)

To think health in the midst of sickness, it’s hard. Yet if you so choose, you actually can think of health even if you are spending your days in pain. Yes, again, I know it seems pointless, but putting the pictures of health in your mind cannot really harm you. So when you do have the ability to think then do think of health in the midst of sickness, and the message of good health will be taken to the individual cells of your body. Your health and your physiology will begin to change.

When you radiate good thoughts, your face glows, you look alive and joyful. When you dwell on negative thoughts you look tired and disturbed. Whatever you think immediately shows in your physiology.

That is visible proof that your thoughts can really change real entities in your environment. But what about the things you don’t see? The greater things your thoughts can affect?

There is a secret workforce of neurons working for you night and day, carefully recording your every emotion which are associated to your thought. They specialize in sending out your thoughts out into the ethereal omnipresent plane. They are like little mailmen in your brain sending out thoughts, prioritizing your thoughts by the degree of your emotions. The stronger the emotion associated with a particular thought the more urgently it needs to go out. And all things in your experience are aligned by the influence of your outgoing thoughts.

Therefore, think good thoughts and inevitably good things shall come upon you. It cannot be otherwise. It is a law of the Universe, just like gravity. Your thoughts will bring you what it holds.

So, spend your time dwelling on good thoughts. And things will begin to change for the good. Then the more you think about the things that truly excite you the faster your thoughts will radiate out into the Universe to bring about the manifestation – as you will attach only the powerful emotions of joy, love, and excitement to your thoughts.


The more pictures of what you want in your life are flashed upon your mind, whether consciously or unconsciously, the more you will be drawn to them, the easier you will receive them. Therefore, dream big and flash the ideal image of your life upon your mind as often as you can. Live in the dream; do it playfully. Pretend, make believe, do it when you are by yourself. Do it in your private moments, even if they may be few, and truly take joy in doing so. Enjoy the things only in your imagination and slowly you will begin to see them in your reality.

It works.
And it can work wonders for you too if you let it.
Your thoughts, your mental images, are exactly what the Universe models around you.


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