Larger than life

Deep inside you know the kind of person you are meant to be. Deep inside you know the life you are meant to live. Yet you’d hardly make the effort to dig deep within, you’d hardly ever actively seek out your true calling. You’d hardly take the risks necessary to act on the dreams that would make you feel larger than life.

What kind of life would you like to live?
Just imagine. Start with that. Imagine the kind of life you’d like to live, the kind of things you’d like to own, the kind of relationships you’d nurture, the kind of work you’d like to do. Imagine how you’d spend your days. Imagine what legacy you’d like to leave behind. Imagine how you’ll touch others’ lives. See it in your imagination. See it as a grand vision of your reality. You are here on this planet to really live to the full. You are here to live larger than life.

Now would you?

Dare to risk. Dare to step out of your comfort zone. Dream unrealistic dreams. And move ahead towards them like a tank, let nothing on your way stop you. Step all out and hit the ball of chance out of the park.

Inspire the millions still living in darkness and doubt. Be the example, lead your life so big that people are inspired to yearn for greatness whenever they think on you!

You are not an ordinary human being. You are here for a purpose. You are here to make a difference to millions of people in this world. There is something so unique about you that the whole world would lay down their valuables just to experience the goodness that you can emanate – it has the power to fill their souls.

Think who you are going to touch others’ lives. Think how your life’s work will make a difference to the thousands and millions in this world.

You are here to express your greatness. You are here to inspire the millions.
For only when you do, you shall live larger than life.