The Power of Calm

It is true that we grow the most when we are struggling when we are pushing to move forward. We grow the most when are in pain. And of course, there are only two distinct courses of action we may choose to take in those painful and sometimes seemingly hopeless situations. Either we blame fate and accept the situation as it is, feel sorry for ourselves and suppress our potential, or make a conscious decision to get out of the mess (like we’ve had enough!) and take constructive steps to set things right.

Often when we are in our ruts our vision/our perception tends to get clouded by worry, doubt, doom and gloom, and simple solutions to our problems happen to escape our narrowed sight. Most of us are too worried about the future or too hung over on the past. But if we only took a few constructive steps in the present, the future would bloom and the past would not matter. In spite of this knowledge most still choose to play it safe, and embrace Old Man Worry, feel stressed or frustrated with the present. Yeah, like that’ll help.

Question yourself today, what are you worried about? Frustrated about? I need more money, there’s just not enough. Will my customers like the new product? What if she says ‘No’? The economy is bad, what if I lose this contract or get fired? Being concerned is OK, being worrisome is not. If at all anything, it is counter-productive.

Let’s first take care of Old Man Worry. Many people just worry way beyond what is necessary, wanting to be in control of everything. They over think, regret, speculate, grow unrealistic expectations and end up worrying. And to be honest, a fair majority of the people worry mostly about money. If only I had more money I could solve all my problems. Well! There’s some news for you, more money will not solve anything, not in the long run. What will keep your boat afloat is your will to gain knowledge of how you can make money and keep it, and the urge to put your knowledge into action. You may get lucky and win enough money in a lottery to buy a 6-bedroom mansion, a bunch of luxury cars and maybe even a yacht with a private helipad, but that would certainly not guarantee your happiness. If you were a worry-wart before, you will be the same worry-wart again, unless you consciously decide to do something about it. Worrying is just like a habit and bad habits die hard. it is difficult but we can all break the habit. Not only is this important, it is absolutely essential—unless you get rid of the habit of worrying, the focus of your thought will remain clouded with the dark forces of indecision and doubt. You might lose the ability to judge a problem by its depth. Keep calm and live in the moment, your focus will be immensely magnified.

When I was a child, one of the limbs of my G.I.Joe action figure tore apart from the torso and because of that I remained sad for days (Well! I was just sad, I didn’t know what depression meant at that time). When I got older, I was overly concerned all day about the pending assignments, the projects, etc. (silly, right?) Now I laugh at these things I’ve worried about and reflect on the present to check if I am ballooning up little things and worrying about them. We tend to make such huge issues out of small things in life that our perception and powers of creative imagination are hindered, and when major problems do come our way, our ballooning habit deters us from looking for solutions to tackle them. We give up easily and we declare that the world is about to end. We forget that the problems truly are opportunities to realize our limitless potential. These tiny troubles in the journey of life are indeed tricky, they force you to doubt yourself and hold you back from thinking creative solutions. Even if you begin to think constructively you are soon steered into worrying or you give up too easily (and sometimes engage in the act of blaming others) mainly because you do not have complete faith in yourself. So how do you fix this? Keep Calm, see the situation from a wider and unbiased perspective and then do what need be.

Okay! I know there are plausible things to be concerned about but worrying definitely won’t help. You have to learn to see the bigger picture. So right now, hand the worrying part of your brain a lollipop and let it suck on that. And let the smart part of your brain (you do have one!) do the thinking.

First things first, just imagine all the things that are available to you for free. Fresh air, sunshine, the power to control your thoughts and your mind (yes, your mind, whatever you think, how you perceive a situation, are completely and absolutely under your control). If you want to be the best you can, you have to learn to think clearly. The clearer you see, the tinier your major problems will get. We are only troubled because we do not see the solutions to our problems. And it is mostly because we have not learned to think clearly. Well, of course, this usually comes with a lot of patience and concentration, but if you try you can hit that note right away.

Problems are only as big as you choose to see them! Those who know this secret choose to see their problems as microscopic and sometimes, inexistent. Life is great for them and they are grateful. But of course when you are starving and there is no food in the refrigerator, you’ve lost your job and your spouse walked out with the kids—you cannot possibly pretend to see the situation to be inexistent, but is up to you to decide what course of action you will take. Whether you will feel bad about it, get hostile and aggressive, feel dejected and curse yourself or your fate and WAIT for things to get right or the stars to align, and probably worry about everything else in this universe, or whether you will realize that you’ve had enough, take constructive steps to get things fixed, find a job–even if a low-paying one, straighten up your expenses, be more responsible and take conscious control over your life—it is all up to you.

If you choose to wait, the wait can be far too long but if you take full responsibility and start making changes towards progress you’ll soon know in the privacy of your own mind that you are the master of your destiny. You will grow an ability to resolve the complexities and feel a surge of energy running through you—an energy too massive in comparison to your problems, in other words, your problems will seem to be microscopic. No pretention, just clear conscious steady action.

Seek calm and the greatest answers will magically appear to you. If you close your eyes, allow your mind to settle, take a deep breath, and then just let go, you will soon touch the calm within you. Zzzsshh! And instantly you will snap out of your bubble and begin taking constructive action. That calm in your mind will construct a freeway of pure thoughts within you.

Reach the state of tranquil first, it will help you judge better under pressure, it will help you avoid panic-triggered self-destructive actions, it will teach you to be fearless. The natural calm of your mind is the answer to all your questions. Value it, preserve it and then go out and accomplish wonders. That is the power of calm.