The Growth Mindset

We want our desires to manifest instantly. Don’t we?  We want our businesses to churn in loads and loads of money without much effort on our part – and we want it now, not five years later.

But we instinctively know that’s not the way it works. It’s just like planting an orange seedling on the ground and expecting the plant to bear oranges – right now.
In this age of instant gratification, we want fast results; and often at the cost of long-term stability and fortune. Like all things in nature, growth is incremental; it starts small and then grows over time – whether slowly or in an exponential fashion.

You start trading small amounts of money before you begin playing with big money. The confidence and ease come with experience. You start doing ten crunches a day before you level-up to do twenty and then fifty – steady incremental growth. Yet most people want to get rich right away, they want to get fit right now, they want instant results. So they throw in big money (only to be duped by the unfair brokers or pyramid schemes) or start out with a three-hour a day workout routine along with hundred crunches a day (only to reach burnout stage and quit because they don’t see immediate results). Instant results are what they are after.

Remember, you cannot just plant a seed, and dig the soil every five minutes to check whether the shoots are starting to sprout. You will only hinder its growth. You have to let it grow, slow and steady.

For the professionals, it takes years and years of practice, years and years of beating at their skills before they succeed. They strive, fail, practice, follow through, and grow a little every day. Such people really do struggle, they make the same mistakes over and over yet they keep going, they fall yet they recover, but in time they become invincible in their field of endeavor. And one day when they win the championship, when they seize the gold medal, they are all over the news and are suddenly seen as overnight successes.

What people see is only the outward event but not the process behind it – the pain, the struggle, and all the hard work. They only see the resultant oranges, not the years of nurturing!

People love events. They want to run 26-mile marathons, they want to make $100,000 from their ecommerce business, and they want to win the piano competition and so on. But they tend to forget that they must first start by running 5 miles (and build momentum from there on) to reach their goal of running 26-miles at one go. They must start by making $50 online before they can reach $100,000. And he, who understands this, understands the growth mindset.

Start small and grow with the process. Try, fail, learn, grow and repeat!

Everything, especially things of great worth and value, takes some time to grow. Step by step, one brick over the other.

Yet people tend to be fascinated by events, allured by instant results. They subscribe to a gym membership and expect to see a chiseled body with 6-pack abs in a month or two. They are more in love with the outcome than the process, so much so that they simply quit when they don’t see immediate results.

Hey, if you want to build a castle, you ought to take small incremental steps towards the grand vision, to leverage time to your advantage and let the natural processes of the world work out the details in your favor.  You just have to ensure that every stone-brick for the castle is laid as perfectly as possible, as swiftly as possible, and in time everything else will take care of itself.

Start small and grow from there.

The Law of Growth is inherent in nature. If you extend your energy and belief into a project for a period of time it is bound to grow and mature. But beware of your own expectations. You cannot expect oranges from seedlings. Therefore, start small and persist. And your seedlings will grow into big orange trees bearing fruits for you year after year.

Start where you are, use what you have, and do what you can.
Start with small steps, build upon them and persist even if you do not see immediate results.



Let go of your anxiety for the future and
accept your progress in the present.