Take a Shot at Greatness

When you set out to do something big, something impossible, usually a lot many will doubt your vision (including some of your loved ones). It may be hurtful but you just cannot allow yourself to get discouraged, you cannot allow yourself to lose your heart. Because your dream, your vision, has nothing to do with other’s opinions.

Keep trying. Keep moving forward one small step at a time, for every bit of progress counts. Keep going and don’t ever give up. Remind yourself that there can be no failure if you just refuse to give up. You have to stand strong even if you have no one to support you. Your dreams are worth it.

Then again, sometimes you might lose your way. You might frequently dabble in confusion and doubt. But even then you need not worry at all. For all of the Universe has got your back. Unbeknownst to you, the forces of the universe are actually working in your favor to prepare you for your grandest life.

The challenges you face are only life lessons of invaluable worth, often disguised as adversities. Please don’t resist them. They are only there to make you stronger. March towards them and face life without fear.

Your life will test you. It will, for certain, assess your mettle. It will inspect the strength of your character at every turn. Therefore, stand strong against criticism, adversity, and failure. Hold on to your steady faith and persevere at all costs.

Decide the kind of life you want to live. Then take your stand and follow through, regardless of what others say or do. Just decide what you want and then commit to act.
Because only when you have definitely decided that providence moves too.

Now go out and make things happen!
Start with an idea. Start with a mental picture of your greatest dreams. Then be bold enough to commit to them regardless of what others think or say.

Your dreams have nothing to do with other’s opinions. So don’t allow yourself to discouraged by them. Instead, focus on your work so hard that the naysayers begin to doubt themselves and their opinions. Be so irresistibly committed to your dreams that others are finally compelled to acknowledge the greatness of your vision.

Choose greatness today and every day that follows.
You are going to be criticized no matter what you do.
So why not act on your biggest dreams, why not take a shot at greatness.
Break free from the need of social validation and craft your own standards.


Heed not the opinions on the outside.
Follow your inner voice and then take a shot at greatness!