Harnessing Your Emotions

There will be ups and there will be downs. But what you think and how you react will always be completely under your control. You must seek to balance your reactions. Rejoice during the ups, spread the good energy. Create during the downs, divert your emotions into constructive action. Trust me, when you learn to successfully release your emotion into your work, you will feel a great degree of fulfillment and  poise, you will feel alive.

Release your negative and limiting emotions to reach a point of neutrality.
Then seek to channel and release positivity from your heart. Believe it or not, there is a boundless supply of love in your heart. For everyone. Your family, your friends, enemies, neighbors, and relatives, for everyone.

Yet, sometimes it is not easy to practice love with others – especially with those who just seem to hate you, others who refuse to cooperate, and a few others who prefer sucking out your soul. And it is only natural to get angry, frustrated and mad in these situations, but if you can dissolve your limiting emotions to reach a state of neutrality you will not have any problem in emanating strength, courage, hope and positivity wherever you go.

If things are not in the best of states right now, don’t trouble your delicate mind, instead hold on to the perfect and ideal image of the conditions you’d want in life. And soon enough you will, for certain, begin to spot opportunities in your life. Just keep your eyes and ears open, live life with a joyful heart, be grateful and keep an open mind. Learn to control your emotions, emanate strength, hope and positivity even in the face of adversity and you will begin to see opportunities when others will only see disaster and misfortune.


The next time you feel angry or frustrated or whenever you become aware of your negative state, take a deep breath and realize that the situation is only impermanent, it is going to pass; and that you already have the innate wisdom and power of resolve it. Just remind this simple fact to yourself. That’s all.