Seeking Joy in the Present

You have to spend every day of your life in joy.
You cannot afford not to.

If you want things to come into your life. You have to be living your life in a joyful high vibration. That is the easiest way to bring more into your life.

The predominant feeling you express throughout the day attracts more of the similar feelings into your space by giving you things and experiences that will help you express more of that feeling.

If you are holding good thoughts, you brush off optimism and joy onto others, and inevitably only good things will come back to you.

Therefore, choose your thoughts carefully, be mindful of your deepest emotions, cause it is only by being mindful of your thoughts and emotions that you can control the states you are in. And when you control the states you are in, you control what you attract into your life.

Good, happy, uplifting thoughts will bring only similar situations into your life. You will begin to see things from a positive perspective and consequently tune in with the goodness of life.

Do the things that genuinely bring you joy. Listen to some good music. Break into a dance. Sing out loud. Open up! Stop worrying about the future. Everything will be handled. Everything will be taken care of. Just enjoy the present. Every moment is a gift!

How many times have you spent your days worrying about a thing that ultimately never happened? How many times have you been hopeless and lost but eventually everything turned out just fine?

Let go, and seek poise in the present.

Live your heart out every day. Seek out to be creative, playful, and fun.
Laugh often and love more. Keep perspective and appreciate the joy already in your life. Because your joy brightens the universe. Your joy is exactly what the universe needs to sustain itself. It wants you to express your greatest self, it wants you to live in the good, it wants you to win. The Universe has got your back. Therefore, fear not.

Live with passion. Seek your joy.

You have to be living your life in a joyful high vibration if you really want things to effortlessly manifest in your life. It works! That is actually the easiest way to bring more into your life.

Tune in with the joy and abundance of the universe and make miracles happen.


With your eyes closed and your muscles relaxed, take a deep breath and (only for this moment, regardless of your external circumstances) try to be mindful in this present moment, be thankful that you are alive, you are breathing, that you have a life which you consciously direct and control, that you can create your future by what you do in the present. Force a smile if you have to but do express your joy for that fact.