There is an ocean within you

There is an ocean within you.

If you dive deep in this ocean you will experience the calm like you’ve never known before. You’ll know it to be the quietest place you’ve ever been to.

There is this perfect stillness.
And this stillness is without limits. Imagine it like being in a free and open space without limits – a space within you, which necessarily belongs to you, a space so vast that you wouldn’t mind sharing it with others. An ocean of pure stillness, calm, and serenity.

An ocean limitless, all yours to swim and explore and make use of.
It is all yours for eternity – without even the boundaries of time.

If you think of light, light shall appear. If you think trees, trees shall appear.
If you think of a sky, a sky shall form. And you are free to color them as you please.

If you but think of a blue apple, you shall see one. It is an open space.
A clear canvas of infinite dimensions.

Yes, there is free and open space, an ocean of infinity within you.
You will find it if you seek.

You can create worlds, you can create stars and moons, you can create gods and demons.
You can create beautiful, odd or even funny-looking things just by imagining them.

You can’t see this ocean with your eyes looking outward.
You can’t touch this ocean with your fingers reaching out outside.
You can’t taste this ocean with your tongue, neither can you smell it with your nose, nor can you listen to its waves with your ears from the world outside.

But only when you begin to turn your senses from the world outside to this world within that you will find this open space of boundless possibilities. You will see a clear canvas waiting for you to create your masterpiece.

Yet you would not need to move a muscle to create in this plane, you could simply use your imagination. You could simply use your thoughts.

You could create a world where you have more than enough, where you live in the perfect house, where you live the perfect life, where you have loving and joyful people in your life, where you have perfect health, where you are simply happy and fulfilled.

Well, yes, you can create anything you want.
You are the Master of this world within. It belongs to you.
It is an infinite space, free clear and open for you to create and explore.

An open space of calm and stillness ever seeking expression.
An ocean limitless, all yours to explore and make use of. And it is all yours for eternity.

It is like a clear canvas of infinite dimensions. An ocean of possibilities. Whatever you think, whatever you create on it with your imagination, will inevitably show up. If you think trees, trees shall appear. If you think of a sky, a sky shall form. If you think of abundance, abundance shall show itself. If you think of happiness, joy, and fulfillment, yes, they shall appear too.

But now here’s what’s been untold – whatever you create in this world within, only follows in the world outside.
The ocean blue and so is the sky.

Just be aware that this ocean exists. That’s all.
Sooner or later, you will find this place. There’s no rush, it’s yours for eternity.