Make a change

Every day is an opportunity. Every day can be that day when you take the decision to make a change. Every day can be potentially life-changing. Yet, how we let that kind of normalcy associated with the mundane rule over our days with little to look forward to.

This doesn’t  have to be this way.

Therefore, make today the day when you take that life-changing decision. The change doesn’t have to be big or loud. Great things can also come off from small decisions. If you want to change the way you live, start a new habit. Take a small decision, make a small change that could be life-changing.

Want to write a book? Start writing a paragraph on random things, every day. Soon you will get used to writing daily. Soon that will be normal for you, yet would it not excite you when you’ll begin to write a section a day of your next great novel? Is that something you can look forward too? Hell yes!

Want to run a marathon? Start walking for ten minutes, every day. And pretty you’ll switch to power-walking or slow jogging. Ten minutes isn’t a big deal. But this small habit of yours will be. It will snowball and grow with time and before you know you will be doing thirty-minute running sessions. Would it then not excite you when you begin running for an hour at a stretch? Would it not excite you to run half-marathons? Is that something you can look forward to from where you are now? Oh, hell yes!

Make today the day of change. Start small, make a small change. And commit. One paragraph or ten minutes are going to be enough. Just get started. Make a change.

Imagine the perfect life you want to live.
How are you going to spend your days? What would you like to do every day?
Paint pictures? Travel the world? Be a stand-up comedian? Whatever it may be, take out just ten minutes of your day for it, okay maybe just five if you’re too busy! Doodle for those ten minutes, plan an itinerary for those ten minutes or browse through the images online of the places you want to visit, practice a joke for those five minutes, imagine standing on a stage and delivering your act. Do it! Make a change and that small change will direct you towards your grandest vision, little by little but steadily. Hunches and ideas for action shall come to you easily, and soon you’ll be on your path to greatness.

Therefore, dream up your best life and make a change today. Start a new habit, start small if you must; and direct your life towards your greatest dreams and highest ideals. A small change in course is all you need!