The Power of Love

They say that the force of love is the greatest force in the world.
It can heal wounds. It can touch lives. It is gentle and ever merciful. It is unconditional and always giving. It is flowing through all of us all the time. It is benevolent and yet the strongest force in the universe.

It causes miracles to happen where there lingered hopelessness mere moments ago. It causes the bringing forth of one’s greatest energies into play to accomplish great feats. It gives the weak, strength; the lost, hope; the broken, faith. It turns foes into friends, fate into favor, fear into valor, sheep into lions – such is the power of love.

What is love?

The God force.

The Supreme force of expression – within you, within him, and her, and all mankind.
Love is that one power which can create new worlds, new lives, and new possibilities. The force greater than anything else and totally under your possession.

There is no limit to the amount of love you can project or express. There are infinite reserves within you. All your life you may freely squander away love, give love away unto others, and still you will not have exhausted your reserves. You are made entirely of this God force, the light of love. You are love, you are the all-powerful.

What can you do with love?


Anything you can imagine. If you can put love into it – it will show up in your being. The purer your love force (without a speck of fear or doubt) the faster you will manifest it.

It’s time to open up. It’s time to let go of your ego and start embracing love.
To give off the God force in everything that you do. To express love in every action you take, and with every thought you think. It’s time to own your influence on this Universe.

Are you ready?


Just for today (if that’s too much, then only for the next hour) – try and approach everything with love. Use love in every action you take. Bind love in every thought you release. For example, I have to write my assignment becomes I am blessed to have the opportunity to receive a proper education and I’d love to write my assignment, if only as a sign of gratitude to the ever-generous Universe.
Or, I may be broke but I am blessed to be alive and in relatively good health, so I’d love to persist in my search for opportunities. I’d love to strive harder to make more value for others, to work hard, if only as a mark of gratitude to the Universe that I am still breathing, that I am alive and well. Use love in every action you take. Bind love in every thought you release (and watch miracles happen).