He who THINKS he can

Life’s wins don’t always go to the strongest or the fastest man; sooner on later the man who WINS is the man who THINKS he can.

~Hugh R. Wright

Believe you can. Most of us are too influenced by other’s opinions or judgements about ourselves. But the honest truth is, there is an unlimited source of strength and power within. We just have to break away from our own limiting beliefs, push hard and aim for the extraordinary.

When we were children, we would always be curious and take risks that defied logic. We grew the most as we learnt to break out of our comfort zones. Why stop now? Go do that video series, go write that book, go travel to a new country, go and start your business anyway.

We all have our excuses ready, and the only way to break them is to believe in yourself.
Stop letting your mind come up with the glorious excuses why chasing that dream is going to be a bad idea. Because the more you dwell upon your can’ts the more you lose touch from your greatest self. Stop looking at the ways which make you think ‘it will not work’ and start focussing on how ‘I will make it work, no matter what’. Bring out that no-matter-what fire hidden within you. You know it in you heart you have it in you to do the impossible.

Yes, you read that right, you can do impossible things. You can perform great wonders if only you believe. So start, and stop not until you have reached your goals. Failures may come on your path but do not be heartbroken, do not blame yourself for your lack of ability. No failure can stand against your faith. Go change the world.

Because sooner on later the man who wins is the man who THINKS he can.