The way you feel

You must guard your thoughts with your life.
Or better yet you must guard your emotions with your life.

Because the state of your being in the present will only attract similar circumstances into your life. And the good news is you can control your emotions. Yes, you have absolute control over your emotions. How you respond to a given situation is totally up to you.

Whatever you are feeling in the present moment, be they feelings of gratitude, love, fear or hate, is sure to manifest in your life. Therefore consciously take charge of the way you feel because your life actually depends on it. Take charge of your response because your subsequent actions will only come from your present emotions.

You are endowed with the absolute ability to choose your own response. Thus, you are the only one responsible for your life. It is your responsibility to choose and extend your best thoughts, emotions, and action – from this present moment. For what you do in the now is the only thing that matters in the future. There is nothing but the now.

Pay attention to this moment.
Immerse yourself in experiencing and extending the feelings of joy, love, gratitude, and abundance – in this moment. Take a minute right now. Please.

The troubles in your real life are not real at all. You don’t have to play along the script. You can break away from it at any time you wish. It will be easier if you do not have too many attachments, but it’s true, you can take control of your life and live just the way you want to live – to express your greatest and highest self. You true worth cannot be decided by others, by your peers or even the society at large, neither do you need their validation to feel worthwhile or accomplished. You are an eternal being with infinite powers. And it’s time to own it. Pay attention to this moment.

Just listen to your heart. Let it guide you to experience your strongest emotions.
The Universe wants you to live and be all the things you dream of being. It wants to express your creative self and inspire thousands of others. So take charge.

You do have all the control you need. Immerse yourself in experiencing and extending the feelings of joy, love, gratitude, and abundance – in this moment. They will show in your actions and ultimately in the reality you create.

Guard your emotions with your life. What you feel now will only attract matching circumstances in your life – manifesting by way of your subsequent thoughts and actions.

Take charge of your life by consciously choosing your response to any given situation.
Focus on the way you feel because yes, your future depends on it.


Take a moment to settle.
Let your mind rest all its thoughts. Close your eyes.
Take a deep breath and then exhale very slowly. Appreciate this present moment with sincere gratitude and only in your imagination extend your feelings outward into the world as it touches others’ lives and makes miracles happen.
Be still and from the bottom of your heart trust that everything will work out in your favor – because everything always does!