Start small and accelerate

Don’t let your fears stop you.
Nothing is too big if you start small.

Want to run a marathon within the next six months?
Start by walking five blocks. Then eight, and ten.

Go for greatness, but start small.
Start small, and grow from there with small incremental changes in your habits.
Commit to your habits first, and then seek to accelerate when you feel confident enough.

Of course, it will take some time to gain the initial momentum. You’ll have to let your habits crystallize into second nature, but once you get the hang of it – you’ll be ready to pick up speed at any instant.

With just a little extra effort, beyond your usual, you will begin to push for exponential growth. Your efforts will compound, and it will bring you results faster than you could have imagined.

So whenever you’re ready, aim for that little extra! Do a few more crunches when you workout. Run a few more steps before you stop for a breath. Risk a little more than what feels okay! And keeping going, always putting in a little more than is necessary.

These small extra steps might seem insignificant now but give them enough time and they will snowball into bringing huge results for you. They will take you closer to your goals often at speeds beyond your expectations.

Dream up big dreams, set high goals, but start small. Do not be intimidated by the scale of any project, because you can always start small, gain the initial momentum and accelerate as you go. It starts with just a little extra compounded over time to bring about that explosive growth.

So fear not. Dream big but also remember that nothing is too big if you are willing to start small. Start small, and grow from there with small incremental changes.

Smart small, and accelerate.