Love Within

What makes you feel worthy of love?

Is love is all you seek? Why are you doing what you are doing?
Is it because you want to feel loved?

Is it because you think that doing certain things will make you more worthy of love? Is it because you think chasing a specific goal will allow others to love you?

Why are you doing what you are doing?

Why? For love?
Love in terms of validation, respect, or fame? Or love for your own self?

What is your motive for action?
What is the driving force behind your ambition?

Only you can answer that.

But let me tell you something today.

You already are perfect, even with all the seeming imperfections which you yourself have labeled or have permitted others to do so for you. Yes, you are perfect even with all the fictitious imperfections which you have given birth in your mind – which you have thought to be existent to your disadvantage. You are perfect just the way you are and are worthy of unconditional love, if not from anyone else but from yourself.

You can’t not be perfect. You are a divine creation and our Creator does not simply create imperfect things.

Just like an artist does not create imperfect versions of his paintings.
Likewise, our divine Creator never puts out anything less than perfect. Maybe you just don’t yet see how you are perfect. Maybe you don’t yet see how you are worthy. Maybe you don’t yet see how your unique set of skills make your rare!

Yes, you are a rarity. There isn’t another like you. You are one in a billion or seven.
And like all rarity you are of high-high worth. And you deserve all the love of this Universe.

You are truly worthy of love.

But don’t seek it on the outside. For love resides in you.
There is an infinite supply of love, kindness, and generosity within you. You are the well that overflows. You are the bundle of love that blooms flowers and spreads smiles, wherever you may go.

Yet I ask you now, why are you doing what you are doing?
For love from the outside?

Or for fulfillment, for the love within?
For the love resides in you.


Just repeat the following text and you are good to go.
“I accept myself as I am. I am unique and there is something about me that not another in this world can do or be. My imperfections are just an illusion set forth by own self or the society at large. I am perfect and I know it. And I shall express myself freely whether or not I receive validation from the outside. For I know all love is from within and I am the fucking source!”