Are you having fun?

If anything stops being fun, please stop doing it. You have only life to live, make the most of it. Every minute you waste doing something you don’t like you are actually giving away a chunk of your life that’s never coming back. Every time you say yes to something drains you, you lose a part of your life.

Yet you might say, but I have to make money. A man’s got to make a living, huh?

Yes, true, but at what cost?

Stop telling yourself that you have to slave too hard and lay too many burdens upon yourself to make money! That’s so not true. You can also make money doing the things you love doing. In fact, that is the only way you can find fulfillment with your work.

You’ve got to love what you do.
You’ve got to have fun doing it. That’s the way.

Never before in the history of this world, there’s been such an abundance of opportunity and that too such diverse. You can paint pictures, knit sweaters, doodle up cartoons, compose your own music, produce your own videos, and possibly do a million other things and have ready access to a worldwide audience.

What are you waiting for?
What is it you love doing?  What is it that genuinely brings you joy? Start with that.

It will guide you. It will lead you towards the light.
One thing will lead to another and eventually you’ll get there. But in the process of getting there, you’ll mature into someone entirely different than when you started.

Life is too short to waste time doing things just to make money. Do the things that truly bring you joy, the things that bring out the best in you, the things that let you express your joy completely.

When you do that, people begin to notice, they are attracted to the pure joy you express through your work and they want in – they want to be a part of it. They want to participate. And when you touch their lives they never hesitate to support you.

Start with the things that you truly love doing. Make meaning for others with your work and money will flow in faster than you could have anticipated. I can guarantee that. Yet the surprising truth is that when you are truly doing your thing out of love – you rarely expect monetary compensation to make you happy. Your work becomes your source of pride and fulfillment. Everything just falls into place.

So, don’t waste another minute doing something you don’t like – to make enough money to survive or to be fairly comfortable. Do the kind of work that makes you come alive. Do something not just to survive but to truly live.

There is one surefire way to know – are you having fun?


Take a minute today to be mindful of your life and whether you really are having fun living.
If not, please take another minute or ten to really do something you enjoy doing! Do something small if you are really crunched for time. It doesn’t have to be an hour-long time off (although I’d highly recommend that) yet you can just take a few times to do something you love.
If doing is too much, then at least just mentally take joy in doing what you’d love to do or how you’d love to live your life!