Your Playground

You are a spiritual being.
Everything about you is God-like.

You are nothing other than God,
but only possibly yet to mature, only yet to realize1 your God-potential.

The entire Universe is your playground.
It is there for you to play with. All the highs and lows, the drama and the calm, the pain and the ecstasy – the experiences in life – are only there for your entertainment.

So that you can make believe and create your own world as you go along.
So that you can change realities and play out your greatest dreams in your experience. Children do it all the time.

You are limitless soul-being learning, growing, maturing, at every moment with every experience. You are creating your own realities by the power of your own thoughts and beliefs (which manifest in your conduct and actions) which eventually influence those around you and even your environment. You are creating your own play and at the same time enjoying it too.

When will you realize that you have the power over your circumstances?
You are the creator of realities. You are the one who creates them and also the one who experiences them. Yet you do it so unconsciously that you hardly ever see it manifest around you.

You are the Master of the Universe.
Yes, you. The real you. Not the role you play in your life, but the real you.
You can convert misery into joy, poverty into riches, adversity to prosperity.
You can influence and shape realities at will.
That is how powerful you truly are.

The entire Universe is your playground.
What are you going to do today?

Dive deep within  yourself and awaken the heart. Immerse yourself with love through the steady practice of gratitude and appreciation.
Do what you do with a pure sense of joy. Remember, this is just your playground and you are here only to have some fun. Let love and joy flow through your actions – imagine great realities for yourself and for others, and see them manifest before your own eyes.
You are limitless. And whatever you can imagine is possible through you!
1 realize – to make real