The state of your health, the state of your relationships, and the state of your finances are all interconnected. If your relationships rock, I can guarantee that you cherish your life much more than the majority of others, that you are happy, that you laugh and share freely – which inevitably echoes its impact on the state of your health. If you work out or take out the time to keep yourself fit, I am quite certain that you more energetic at work, that you are more focused, that you are an advancing man/woman, that you allow your good energy to overflow into every transaction that you undertake – which, again, inevitably shows its influence on the state of your finances and the amount of money you make. If your finances rock too, you have greater opportunities to create, cherish, share great experiences with those you love, and build stronger bonds with every memory you share.

Balance all three and your life becomes a living paradise.
Yes, that’s all there is to it.

All three are necessary. So reach for the equilibrium.
You cannot afford to focus only on one and ignore the others.
You cannot just choose wealth and ignore your health and relationships. That is a recipe for disaster. You must strike a balance.

You may have strong relationships and you may also make a lot of money, but if you choose to ignore your health – whether physical or emotional, you are just choosing imminent pain and suffering, which can only translate into unhappiness.

Also, if you focus only on your finances or your health but ignore your relationships – you might have no one to share your life with. You might have no one celebrate with when you win and no one to confide in when you don’t. After a point, you might just begin to feel aimless and insignificant, which can leave you unfulfilled.

Remember, our relationships make our lives sweeter; they give us opportunities to experience love, togetherness, and community. Therefore nurture them with care. Give out love, respect, and joy to others, freely openly and without judgment (it gets better with practice) and your life shall certainly blossom into a symbol of perfect harmony. I can assure you of that.

The key to your life is very simple – Balance. Yes, that’s all there is to it.
And that’s all you need – to turn your life into the paradise of your dreams.

If your schedule permits,  No, no! You must …
You must make time daily not only for your finances but also for your health and your relationships.
You must commit at least an hour or two daily to look after your health. Yes, daily! I don’t mean that you start running for an hour every day right way, but you could maybe start with a 15-minute walking routine in four sets. But do something daily.
You must commit a couple of hours daily for your loved ones. They deserve your time. Show them how much they mean to you by giving them the most valuable gift – your time. The time you spend with them, talking, playing, making stuff, laughing together, or recounting memories, will strengthen your bond and leave absolutely no room for disregard, doubt, or misunderstanding.
Set out some time for your family and friends daily. DO NOT IGNORE THIS!
And so, with your finances, commit to advance the state of your finances daily. You cannot afford not to. Strike a balance on all spheres of your life and see it ride straight into perfect laughter.