Master Your Destiny

You are always creating. Every thought you release is a creation.
Therefore guard your thoughts with your life.

Once your thoughts are mixed with emotions they travel great distances to set the stage for their manifestation. Things and circumstances line up with astonishing precision – ready to bring about the realization of your vision. The stronger your emotions the easier it is for you to attract the realities that match your vision.

We are powerful beings. We are creating our lives with every thought we release. Then, does it not make sense to be mindful at every moment? Does it not make sense to guard our thoughts and emotions with utmost care?

Controlling one’s emotions is often not easy, and being mindful of one’s thoughts is even more difficult. But if you practice you can control and master them both.

It all starts with mind control. The mind can be compared to an unchained monkey. It jumps from one branch of thought to another, refusing to stay still. It is constantly thinking, planning, playing out past memories, or fancying future circumstances. It is never still. It is heavily influenced by the events in the outside world. It keenly observes what it sees or hears, and often without strict judgment accepts many of these external appearances as truth – which ultimately leads people to take decisions based on false premises. 

Our outside world is the manifestation of your own thoughts and beliefs. If you see pain and discord in your life, it is only because you house pain and discord in your own consciousness. The outside world is just a mirror of your thoughts. Change your thoughts and you can change what you see in the world outside.

The external circumstances are always subject to change – they are NOT the absolute truth. If you see lack in your life, it is only because you think and act from a lack mindset.

Just take a moment and let this sink in.
Whatever you see in the world outside, whatever circumstance you are in, is subject to change. No one else can think, act, feel, or visualize, on your behalf. You have to do it yourself. You can change your own reality. And the only one powerful enough to do that is You. No one else can do it for you.

Be mindful of the thoughts you entertain. Not all of them are true.
Some are based on false interpretations, some are based on fears and doubts.
Don’t let your mind run on auto-pilot. Take control.

Every thought is precious. Every thought is a new creation.
The past and the future becomes that which you think in the now!
Every thought is precious, it has the power to shape your inner worlds and thus the  outer.

Spend as much time as you can thinking and focussing on the good, the proper, the beautiful – and your future shall reflect the same.

Guard your thoughts and especially the emotions you attach to them.
Practice being mindful of your thoughts and actions and release only the good thoughts and emotions -even if the world outside does not reflect your grandest vision.

Make it your must – focus on your greatest dreams daily!
Remember, you are always creating. What you think upon now will only manifest in your future? Go, rock it!

You are the Master of your own destiny. Think true. Think well.