Your duty is in asking

You do not have to know the hows.
Your duty lies only in the asking and asking big.

Your wildest dreams will be brought to you harmoniously without any stress or feelings of drudgery. The actions you’ll need to take will feel like play and even if it involves hard work it will never seem so to you.

The Universe will give you signs, and you will know when it does. The Universe places coincidences in your life with extreme precision. Amazing things will happen. And they will happen so seamlessly that it will feel like magic!

You can have anything you want. All you have to do is ask. And ask big!

But this does not follow that you have work too hard or slave yourself for years before you get the big things you want in life. No! The Universe can manifest something huge as effortlessly as it can manifest smaller things. The Universe only responds to your emotions, the vibrations of energy you release as you dream and ask for things.

Release the good energy. The Universe wants you to relax and enjoy your life.
It is the pleasure of the Universe to serve you with things that will help you express your fullness and joy. The Universe is waiting for your command.

Spend as much time as you can in contemplating your vision – the things you want to do, have, or be. Visualize all the details of your dreams. See the end result. See it happen here and now. Imagine your dreams in their entirety and then immerse yourself in that mental experience.

Revisit your dreams as often as possible – while you’re stuck in traffic, while in the subway, while in the shower, or when you are engrossed in negativity and hopelessness.
Spend as much time as you possibly can with your dreams and help them grow with the influence of your thought force and the power of your emotions.

You do not have to know the hows. See the end result in your imagination. And give thanks knowing fully well that it is already on its way.

The Universe shall deliver.