You fail to live this day because you are constantly looking towards a future event beyond which you think you will finally be happy. But this is not necessarily true.

You have to choose happiness in the now.
You have to choose joy in this moment.
You have to let go and learn to celebrate this day.

Every day spent in joy and laughter is a day well-lived.
Spend enough of your days in joy and your life becomes an exemplar of happiness.

Happiness is not something you get beyond a future event, happiness is what you create in the now. The future will take care of itself if you choose to live your present to the full.

Okay, maybe your life is a mess right now. You may be overwhelmed with the past, or too anxious about the future. You may be burdened with expectations and responsibilities.
But that doesn’t mean you cannot be happy.

Your challenges are there for your growth. We all go through stuff, we all have bad experiences in life, but they are never the defining factors of one’s happiness. And often your challenges leave you greater than you were when they found you.

Just think about a time when you worried about a situation for days, when you almost had a nervous breakdown thinking about the possible disasters, but eventually none of the things you were worrying about came to pass or better still you received an outcome which actually was favorable to you. Have you experienced anything like this in your life?

Stop postponing your happiness. Happiness is your natural state of being.
You have to learn to let go and celebrate this day!

Happiness is what you create in the now.
Do whatever that makes you happy and spread your joy to everyone you meet.
And when you do, people will be attracted towards your joyful energy, and you will prosper in life beyond your wildest dreams.


Choose happiness.
Live this day to the full -and everything else shall fall into place.