Pay Attention

The present is what only matters.
Pay attention.

The Universe has lined up limitless doors and opportunities for you right in this moment.
If only you would stop with your planning, speculating, controlling etc.

Just observe. Really look into this moment.
It has all the questions you can ask. It has all the answers you need.

There is a life force with and through all which sustains life and activity.
It gives you your due if you only dare to ask.

The gentle care of the Universe will bring it to you,
just as a father would buy a toy for his son to see the son express his great joy!
It is the pleasure of the Universe to give you what you ask for.

Ask with childlike abandon and faith, and see the magic happen in your life.
You do not have to be controlling to get your way; you only have to be trusting.
Trust in the Universe just as an infant would trust his mother.

Let go of your illusion that you control everything. Let go of the thought that you can get your way by force. Let go of your ego too. Just see yourself as a child of God.

Look through this moment. Observe your present state.
Are you being a cranky child? Or are you being loving and thankful?
Are you complaining and throwing tantrums or are you expressing your joyfulness?

Every moment you spend in expressing your joy, every moment you live in the state of positive vibration, you pull in the favor of the Universe. It wants to see you happy and full of life.

So take this moment to thank the Universe for all that already in your life. And it will bring you more things, events, and circumstances, to be thankful for. You know things could have been much worse. You know that. So thank the Universe for your life as it is – stop wanting, planning, speculating, and controlling.
Learn to let go and trust the Universe.
It knows, with baffling precision, exactly what you need.

This is how every moment becomes a doorway, an opportunity, to express your joy and gratitude and pull in the favor of the Universe. Pay attention.

Live the now with joy and soon your past will be joyful memories and your future will be the now!
The present is what only matters.
Pay attention.