Celebrate Today

Stop time travelling. Live this day like it’s the only day you’ll ever live. The time in your past or future becomes irrelevant if you but cherish every moment in the now. Yes, the present reality is all that really matters. So stop travelling through time, even if only mentally.

Live fully in this very moment. Immerse yourself with the love of life and the love of all good things around you. Do not delay your happiness beyond a future event. Seek joy in the today. Express your joy and fullness in the now and celebrate all things that you are blessed with right now.

Please stop slaving out your days and make time to live today. Play your favorite game. Take a long shower or a bubble bath. Read a book. Stare at the night sky. Go out to the seafront and spend time on the beach. Yes, go do it. Do it even if you have a thousand deadlines pressing on you.

Are you wasting your freedom today in the hope of enjoying freedom in the future? If you are, then living like that doesn’t make any sense.

You are supposed to live out a full life in the present, no matter the circumstances. You MUST make time to express your joy each day. You MUST emanate that pure positive energy of love and thankfulness every day.

Because, whether you believe it or not, your expression of joy, love, and abundance in the now will only widen the channels of receiving into your life.

You do not necessarily have to indulge in leisurely activities all the time to express your higher emotions of joy, love, and gratitude,  you can very well express them through your work or any activity that you do. Immerse yourself in the love of life and express your joy every day, whenever possible.

Start now, begin where you are. Be grateful for the little things and express your joy. Celebrate the now. Celebrate this very moment.

Start now. For all the magic is in the present reality.
Celebrate today so that you can create better tomorrows.