Build anew

It’s easy to feel lost. It’s easy to feel defeated.
But every failure you go through, simply builds you further.

Every failure prepares you for the success to come. Success is given to you for certain.
It comes, but it is longer than you’d wish yet sooner than you’d expect.

So expect your success now – in the midst of failure. You have to cut your own slack. No one else will come down and do it for you. You have to learn to walk by yourself even if you fall a hundred times. Keep trying as long as it takes. No one else can come and walk it for you.

Stop crawling through mediocrity and run free! Yes, it takes effort, but it’s worth way more than all the failure you may have to endure. Take the leap, the universe will catch you. Then if failure is a part of your experience, be thankful for it. For every failure comes with a wealth of wisdom, with a widened vision of your greater reality.

Remember, failure is a chance for introspection, to question the path, to seek an answer. Failure is the seed that gives birth to curiosity and fearlessness. Embrace it. It’d be really cool if you were always handed out what you ask for, but frankly that’d do you no good whatsoever.

You are a creative being with limitless potential. You can bend realities and shape destinies. Stop begging for the perfect conditions. And create your own life from the depths of your creative self.

You’ve got to learn to walk on your feet. A child may never be sure if he’ll make it, he keeps falling all the time. He may not know what’s the right way, he keeps falling all the time. But with every fall, he learns something new. He learns how to balance. He learns to be mindful. He learns to deal with his hurts. And most importantly, he learns to persist.

It’s okay. You don’t need to have everything figured out.
Just enjoy the ride. Fail if you must, but don’t fail to try!