What makes you happy?

What makes you happy?

A cup of good coffee?
Camping in the woods?
A day spent painting?
Fresh flowers?
Walking barefoot on the grass?
Catching a sunrise?
Soaking in the sunshine at the beach?
Popping bubble wraps?
Singing in the shower?
A cup of hot chocolate?
Listening to music?
Reading a good book?

If you do not enjoy doing the things that make you happy, you are only wasting your time. Life is too short to spend even a single unhappy.

Life is happening now. And if you let it slip, it will pass you by much faster than you could have imagined. Your happiness in the now is more important than some vague validation in the future. If you are not happy doing the work you do you are not living your life.

Spend time daily doing at least a couple of things that truly make you happy. Make time for your happiness in your daily schedule. I am not talking about you putting your butt on the couch and watching repeat episodes of your favorite TV series, I am talking about you doing something which is meaningful to you or deeply cherishing something you love.

Bring out the natural playfulness in you. Make time to listen to music, to read a good book, to enjoy a cup of coffee. Do the things that genuinely bring you joy.

And believe me when I say this that when you truly express your joy and playfulness and positively affect those around you things begin to blossom in your life. Your energy levels, your performance at work, your relationships, and even your finances mirror your states of joy and delight.

The good things in life are right there waiting for you. Yes, work hard, but also make time for the little things in your life that make it so beautiful.

Call forth your happiness every day.
Because if you seldom spend your time doing the things that truly bring you joy, you are only wasting your own time.

What makes you happy?