How to Create Your Own Reality

Well, it will be easier for them who have (at least once) experienced a dream coming true – to understand how it all works. But for those who have never experienced any unrealistic willful manifestation in their lives, this article could just be the doorway to the introduction of a new power – to be able to deliberately create one’s own reality.

It all starts with your thoughts. The more you think about something the more it sticks to your memory and lingers on produce more thoughts on the same topic. But if you do not care too much or feel too strongly about that which you think about, your thoughts will not really translate into the corresponding action. You will fail to act, let alone persist in your action with faith.

This is what happens with most people. When they see that big house by the beach or the nice car on the road, they wish it for themselves. But as soon as they lose sight of these things they again fill their minds with a thousand other urgent but unimportant (sometimes irrelevant) thoughts. Instead of thinking persistently about how they can possess their dream home or their dream car, or thinking about what actions can they take right then to get to where they want to go, they simply sway into thinking thoughts suggested by appearances.

But to consciously create your own realities, you must dwell in the thoughts of your goals and dreams (or whatever you want to accomplish) ceaselessly. For the more you dwell on these thoughts the more your actions will reflect your deepest desires and goals. Then, the more of your actions that reflect your vision, the closer you will get to your dreams.

That is the first phase.
Your thoughts persistently applied produce fruitful actions, and your actions persistently applied takes you closer to your dreams.

And once your thoughts and actions are directed right – in the dwelling and acting from your vision – you must let go and allow the Universal life force to manifest them in reality. It may take some time but be patient, the Universe is working with and through you as harmoniously as possible always taking the shortest route between you and your dreams. Have faith. Because with every thought, you set a cause in motion which inevitably brings about a corresponding result in your life.

Think high thoughts – even at opposing conditions.
And high actions shall follow with absolute certainty.

Think, act, and be in the now, for all reality takes birth in the mind.