The mind

The mind is your greatest ally, and your greatest enemy. The thoughts you think have the power to make you or break you. So choose well. 

Use your mind power to shape your life. Take possession of your mind and direct it towards the attainment of your desires. 

Your mind is capable of coming up with any solution that you may seek, as it is connected to the One All-Knowing All-Pervading Mind. Any question you can pose to your mind shall be answered if you persist.  

What is the one thing you want in your life now?
What can you do now as a first step to make that happen? 

There is nothing you cannot do if you set your mind to it. Success and failure are often only in the mind. Those who are conscious of imminent success infallibly receive success. And those who are doubtful or conscious of failure only receive failure. 

The mind can break through physical and mental barriers for you with ease if you let it. It can help you do great feats – stuff people would otherwise consider impossible.
But beware, your mind if not used for long can get lazy. It is your duty to use it to your advantage and get things done.

Take control of your mind and direct it towards your goals, no matter what excuse your mind comes up with. Often boredom and fatigue are put forward as excuses to resist doing the hard work. Do not fall for it. Take charge of your mind and focus.

The more thoughts you dedicate to a particular goal the easier it will be for you to receive new ideas and hunches. Everything will come about with effortless ease. Trust me, your mind will be your greatest ally on this journey – but only if you use it well.

Therefore, use the power of your mind to shape your life as you will.
Power to you.