You think you know how the world works?
I am pretty sure you might not.

You may want a specific outcome in your life, but is it for your greatest good?
Will it lead to a stress-free happy life in the future?
Or are you simply sinking further in the persistent illusion of your ego.

Stop resisting people, events, and circumstances to match your expectations.
Stop pushing against the things which may be disagreeable to you.
Become aware of your inner power – the power of non-resistance.

You do not have to change anything or anyone so that you can feel good.
You already have all it takes to be happy and fulfilled.

Do not resist that which you are granted, even if it may be painful. The mature learn to stay calm even in the most turbulent times. If failure comes by simply strive to judge the situation dispassionately and heed the lessons it is trying to teach. Your idea or expectation of a specific outcome may not be of your highest good, so accept the failure in good will.

Sure repeated failures in your life may seem unfair. But remember, the Universe is only trying to teach you its ways so that you can handle success when it finally comes to you.

Practice the art of non-resistance.
And allow the Universe to work out the best possible outcome for you.

The Universe works in mysterious ways. Be as allowing and trusting as a child. Curb your ego in regard to the Supreme. And make way for the receiving of your dreams.

Have faith that the perfect outcome will be accurately worked out for you by the Divine Mind. Try to develop and integrate as much non-resistance as possible into your life. Allow the receiving. Then witness the manifestation of the abundance of goodness in your life along with dissolution of your troubles carried out with perfect ease.


Smiling. Receiving. Allowing.
Embrace non-resistance and witness perfect ease  in your life.