Live out with your heart

There is a way of life which is effortless. There is no struggle. No stress. No pushing against. No competing. It is just a glide through life with joyful ease.

Yes, there is such a way of life where everything about you just falls into place without you having to put in any of what you’d call stressful hard work.

So many of us are brought up with some rather false paradigms of how the world works. The societies have fed us a set of preconceived notions early on – mostly in our adolescence – and now we do not even question their validity. We just simply take the words we’ve heard from our peers, family, and authority figures, for truth. We should work hard, study and bring good grades in school and college, then get a good job, get married, have kids, and then retire when we are tired and old – to live our lives.

Our lives are not meant to be lived like this. We should ideally test these paradigms ourselves. And yet often we do not even realize they exist or we follow them completely unaware.

There is effortless way of life. If you seek it you will learn its ways. And in time you will live the life of greatness and abundance with perfect ease. The secret of this effortless way of life is so simple that people hardly ever grasp its true power.

Just listen to your heart.
Heed it and do what needs be done anyhow.

Break out of all the fear and bigotry and step into truth and clarity. Let the power from within guide and nurture your being.

The mind serves the ego. It looks for ways to sustain and expand your identity, the personality called you. And there is nothing wrong in that. But the trouble happens when our minds begin to overrule the wishes of our hearts.

Don’t allow that. Don’t let your mind to win over your heart.
Acknowledge and respect the guidance of your heart as valid and important.
Heed what it says and learn to trust it.


Cause it is your heart that holds the key to the secrets of the Universe and the way to an effortless, joyful, abundant life.

Trust your heart. It always knows what the right thing to do is.