Love and expression

There is a natural flow of love within you.

You are born out of love. You are held together as a being out of love.
It is the love that surrounds you and sustains you. Every good thing you receive in life is just an expression of love. Love is everywhere if you are willing to receive it.

A man instantly comes in harmony with the forces of love if he is willing to give love.
He can never be without love if he expresses his love freely.

So, let the force of love fill your heart with the courage to express it.
You can express your love as you greet other people. You can express your love through the work you do. You can express your love as you live out your life to the full.

Remember to fill yourself with the feelings of love.
And you can express your love practically through any action you undertake.

The force of love seeks expression in you. It needs you as a channel for its expression as much as you need it as a source of your fulfillment. Embrace and express love generously and all harmony shall be yours.

There is a natural flow of love within you.
And if you feel there isn’t, know that you can create it so.

You are that which you call love.
For all life is the manifestation of love.

Let your heart run free and express your love in all the good that you see. Express love for all the beauty, for all the wealth, the happiness, the health, and the goodness, and by doing so you can come into close harmony with these things and draw them into your life at will.

There is a natural flow of love within you.
And it comes alive every time you express love.

Give out love at every opportunity you get. For example, every time you see a nice car, or enjoy a good meal, or have a pleasant experience, you have the opportunity to express you love in appreciation and thankfulness. Even if you may not own the nice cars and fancy houses you can still express your love for them. Then as you come into close harmony with the things you love they resolve to manifest in your life, generally with effortless ease.

That is the power of love.
All you have to do is let it out and share it with the world.
Express your love for the good and see it work wonders for you.