From within

You are a living breathing mass of energy.
You are a source of energy radiating goodness and strength from within.

Good things come to you when you fearlessly project good feelings out into the universe. As in you attract similar responses from those around you and in effect your environment. You are constantly radiating your truest feelings moment by moment. And whatever you are feeling right now – you are radiating that same feeling out into the universe whether you know it or not.

You truly are a source of energy radiating goodness and strength from within.

When others feel comfortable and loved in your presence they will often instinctively respond in a similar way and be willing to help you with anything. Things, events, and circumstances will line up for you with effortless ease as you create and communicate the positive playful energy upon others.

When in your presence people can either feel lifted, happy, joyful or they can feel low, insecure, or indifferent. What would you choose?

It’s up to you to radiate as much goodness and strength as you can because when you touch other’s lives and positively impact them you can’t help helping yourself. You don’t need to control anyone or force your acts of kindness upon others, often your presence or even your good wishes from afar will be just enough.

Be the soothing, calming, force of goodness to all those around you. Radiate the happy feelings of love and gratitude and you will touch others through the medium of life force that connects all life. You are a living  breathing ball of energy, the center, the source of both goodness and evil.

Radiate goodness and all good things shall converge upon you.
For you are the source and also the point of convergence.


“the center of the universe”