Express your Greatness

You are born great. You are born exceptionally talented.
Now it is upto you to find out what truly makes you come alive, and then do it as much and as often as you can. That is your gift and you are here to share with the world.

It is in the fearless expression of your talents and abilities that you can find true fulfillment. Express your greatness in whatever calling you choose. Don’t worry about the money yet – the material riches. Instead, look for the emotional wealth – the fulfillment that comes from your highest work.

So many people are living their lives tired and scared. They are running around looking for freedom and solace. They are seeking answers. Answers which they may easily understand and apply to their lives. They are journeying through their lives feeling confused and incomplete. They are desperately searching and probing, waiting to make some meaning out of their lives.

You can help them. You can help them by sharing the fruits of your calling.
In effect, they are only waiting for you to express your greatness and grant them a ray of hope, they are waiting for you to help them find some meaning.

You are born great. It’s time to own your greatness.

Whatever it is that you choose to do in life, do it well and do it with love. And you will always have an abundant and loyal following wherever you go. Don’t do things just for the money if it leaves you unfulfilled. Do it for love.

Find out what truly makes you come alive.
Then express your greatness in what you do.

Give off enough love, hope, and courage so that you touch other’s lives in a way that they are inspired to take the leap and grow wings for themselves.

Express your greatness.
The people thirst for just that.