The Universal Support

Support will always come to those who believe. If you but have the faith of a mustard seed, often events, circumstances, and situations will serendipitously place themselves in your life such that you will begin to have greater faith.

When failure seems inevitable, fight your reasoning mind and hold on to the image of success. You don’t need to know how, just accept success as a possibility, even if it may seem distant. Hold the image of success in your mind and soon you’ll begin to see the doorways out of the situation.

There is no failure in the Divine Mind. Therefore, know that you cannot fail. If you feel uneasy and anxious, breathe and affirm the fact that the universe has got your back.

All of the nature’s forces are working to bring you that which you have set the demand for and all good things are waiting to come to you as fast and as harmoniously as possible. But you must not dwell in dissatisfaction, worry, or anxiety, for it breaks the flow of creation and the bringing forth of the things you want is momentarily disrupted.

Thank the Universe for the success you know is yours. Give thanks even before you taste success. Give thanks even if your faith is feeble. Give thanks even before you see it in reality and the Universe shall rearrange itself to make it happen for you.

Believe and the Universe will only come and strengthen your faith. Develop a strong faith and the Universe shall move mountains at your word.
Support will always come to those who believe.

Set your intention and create a clear the mental picture of your dreams. Become positively obsessed with your vision and give thanks whether or not you see it in reality.
Believe in the universal support. And the Universe will – without fail – stretch out its arms and the do the wonders for you.