Sometimes you have to fight against yourself.
Fight to build yourself.
Create who you are.

Sometimes  you have to leave behind everything.
To live the greatness within you.
To have the courage to believe in yourself.

Sometimes you have to fall to learn to stand straight.
To learn to walk.
And then to run.
And keep running.

Sometimes you have to make promises to yourself.
To make true that which you have cried upon.
To smile back at those who laughed at you.

Sometimes you just have to die every day,
to live every moment now that is gifted to you.
To make a difference to those who matter.
To serve for the greater good of this world.

Sometimes you have lose your identity,
to make a legend out of your measured existence.
To toil hard in sun and rain.
To keep going in sweat and pain.

Sometimes you have to seek and question who you are.
To know where you stand.
Then take the first steps towards embodying
the flawless magnificence ever-present within you.