Faith is a choice.

Sometimes all we see is darkness around us. There seems to be no way out or there is far too much pain. We struggle to find solace but we keep circling around the same path of hopelessness without any breakthrough. We begin to look for certainty, we look for a promise that will assure us that there is indeed light at the end of our path. But as long as we do not see the light for ourselves we might still be holding on to the doubts and fears within us. We might hesitate to make a move. We might question our abilities. We might give up on our pursuit and so on. The directions then do not seem to matter because indeed we feel lost in darkness. We do not know how it is going to come about; we cannot see any possibility of a breakthrough with our limited vision, and so we quit.

To get out of this state of mind where doubts and fears play a dominant role you have to first know yourself. You have an infinite potential embedded within you, realize that. Faith grows with the confidence you have in yourself. Faith grows in proportion to the amount you value yourself. It all starts with a thought. If you think you are ugly or fat or poor and you mentally accept that degraded measure of your worth, your choices will reflect that same belief. And if your choices reflect that belief, everyone else will also begin to believe that you are ugly or fat or poor. But if you think and hold the belief that you can do anything in the world and sincerely get going with it regardless of what people say or think about you, you will make it. Shut your mind of the negative influences and get working. Faith comes when you first realize that you CAN.

Record what you tell yourself, record what your dominant beliefs are. ‘I will never make that amount of money’ or ‘I will never get thin’ will not help. Such statements imply that you are giving up on yourself. Regardless of the present situation, you must aggressively strive for what you want. Do that needs be done and you will begin to have faith. Life will test you to see if you really want it bad enough. Whenever you find yourself thinking that there is no way out or there is no hope, remember that if you have the time to indulge in such thoughts then maybe you are not focusing on your craft hard enough to create awe-inspiring amazing work. There is nothing in this world we cannot do. But somewhere deep within us, our faulty beliefs and fears stop us from achieving the legendary heights that we were meant to achieve. Mind what you tell yourself, and don’t let your doubts and fears do your thinking. Even if you do not know how it is going to come about, you need not be afraid because the self-talk you give yourself will define your results. It’s easy to feel defeated but only those who keep nurturing the vision of triumph in their thoughts, even in the face of failure or disappointment, win.

Faith is a choice. Accept that you CAN. Realize that the silent conversations you have with yourself will eventually make who you are regardless of the present circumstances, failures or disappointments. And when you find yourself feeling hopeless or pessimistic, remember that if you have the time to indulge in such feelings then maybe you are not focusing on your craft hard enough to create the legendary-level amazing work. In simple words, you are just wasting your time. Dust yourself off, and aggressively advance towards your direction and have faith in your abilities. Nature will not come to the aid of a seed which refuses to grow, but it will do everything it can for the seed which tries, persistently, to grow out of its coat through the dark soil towards the light.

Define what kind of seed is in you. Awaken the greater spirit in you and take charge of your life. Strive. Seek. Struggle and you shall find.

Faith is what you tell yourself. If you tell you are worth not, you are not; if you tell you are, you are.