The Power

What you resist, persists. When you are constantly thinking about not enough, lack is what you will notice. If you are constantly thinking about wealth, making your brain work on it, you will notice money making ideas. It all depends on our focus. If you are having a rough phase and if you keep telling yourself that you are going through a bad time, all you will notice is how bad life is treating you. You have to consciously shift your focus. You have to learn to see the good already in your present, be grateful and think positive. Yes, you might have heard it before, but trust me, it actually works.

Even the slightest shift in your thought process will compound over time and help you create an invincible mindset, which will be a great asset to you for the rest of your life, especially when the going gets tough. When tough times come you can’t help but think about the problems. If you are having problems, focus on the possible solutions. If you are sick, focus on the idea of healthy life, and soon you will find ways to get better (like eating fresh leafy vegetables, drinking plenty water, exercise and the like). But if you are diagnosed with a disease, first find ways to calm your mind and focus on being grateful, no matter the odds, no matter the pain. Persist through your pain, think pleasant thoughts and do good.

When you are angry or sad or overwhelmed or envious, anything that makes you feel bad, take conscious control of your mind and change your state immediately.

Stop resisting and fighting against unpleasant situations, instead pour your total awareness into the appreciation of all that is good in life. Be thankful for them at all times. Because what you think about is exactly what you get. If you think lack that is what will come to you, if you think abundance that is what you will pour into your life.

It’s all a matter of what you focus on.
That is your power. It is your most precious gift.

You have the power.
Now would you please make good use of it?