The Universe wants to spread the ever-expansive positive life force (the good energy) among every being, including you. It cannot help but do so because the Universe itself becomes aware of its infinite self through you.

The more you give expression to the Universe by whatever you do, the greater channel you become for the Universe to express its wonders. The Universe will give you greater things, bring you brighter opportunities, aid you in every step of your journey because it knows that it can express itself better through you and it wants you to have all the resources that you might require in giving it expression. The Universe is on your side. It wants you to have the good things and express pure joy, appreciation, and gratitude. It wants to you to do the great things so that you can give off the good energy and inspire a thousand others. The Universe seeks to express its goodness. It seeks to express its joy and fullness. Give complete expression to the Universe, become a channel for it and you will always find yourself flush with all the resources you can use and even more.

Use what you already have in giving Him expression. Do great things, sing great songs, dance and share your joy with others. Give off as much good energy as you can to others. And more shall come to you.

Whatever you do, whatever you create, is God creation. It is perfect just the way it is. If you are in state of joy while doing it, that’s all that matters and that is all the Universe seeks – the expression of joy and goodness.

Express yourself. Make people laugh, love them, inspire them and help them express their good energy, help them express their joy – the positive life force and you will never have any lack of resources whether spiritual, emotional, or material.

And that is a fundamental Law of the Universe. That is how you create value for others, and at the same time find fulfilment and joy in serving others. Freely express your goodness, your bountiful joy, and your endless love. Touch others lives in a way that it inspires them, in a way that helps them express their joy and goodness, and the Universe shall come your way and grant you the limitless access to all of its resources.

The Universal supply patiently waits for you to open your channels of expression, to give expression by using whatever you already have. It waits for you to express your joy and goodness and strength. And as soon as you do it opens the floodgates to opulence and abundance – all for you.