Wealth and Purpose

Do you feel rich? If not, stop comparing yourself to others.
Do you feel happy? If not, then stop worrying and living in fear.

If you are feeling happy you will brush off that energy to everyone you meet. If you are feeling rich, you will be more generous and giving, and people will get that impression of increase from you. You do not necessarily have to be rich with material wealth, you can be rich with love and generosity, or humor or knowledge or art, and you can brush off the impression of increase based on that. It all starts with you feeling rich. You do not need big mansions or expensive cars to feel rich and abundant. You can feel rich with what you have.

It becomes easy when you understand that you are, in truth, the source of limitless wealth; when you can see and understand infinity through yourself. There is always more than enough. For an author, his thoughts can signify the infinite; there will always be more than enough for him to write on. He may have as many thoughts as he wants; he only has to find a way to document it. Feeling rich and abundant with his thoughts, ideas, and plots, he can weave limitless stories out of his imagination endlessly.

And there is such a limitless source within you as well.
Need ideas to make more money?
Or become a happier person?

Look within and find the feeling place from where everything you can ask for is readily available to you in great abundance. If you think good thoughts and feel happy you will naturally attract more of its kind to you, effortlessly and endlessly. It’s all about the feeling. It is the feeling in the present moment which unlocks the doors to greater opportunities.

If you want more money, then feeling rich in the now is the key. It generates that confidence in you which allows you to take greater risks, and life becomes fun. Making money becomes fun. It is then all about the feeling, the feeling rich in the present moment. When you know and feel that there is always more than enough, you will not be worried or afraid. And then it becomes your duty to brush off that thought and feeling on your loved ones.

You ought to keep trying and the things which harmonize completely with your grand vision will surely come to you. Failure doesn’t mean you are inadequate; it is just a way of the universe telling you that you are doing it the wrong way that you must change your course, or perhaps you are climbing the wrong mountain. When you emanate the good energy – those who receive it shall reciprocate too. If you feel happy and rich, you cannot help but give the impression of advancement to everyone you meet. Enjoy the days as it is and you will find more reasons to be happy. And the more your brain is subjected to happy thoughts, the more happiness it spots in everything around it.


Man is burdened when he thinks that he has not enough. You may want a big house and expensive cars and they will surely come to you, but you have to give it time. Be thankful and subject your mind to the thought that you are receiving it and you will spot more ways how you can actually do it. When you think constructively solutions are easier to grasp.

If you will continue to live in this certain way by feeling rich and happy as you count all the good things already in your life, slowly but surely, you will multiply your riches and your happiness.

There are loads of opportunities in this world and our job is to keep trying. The opportunities want you to give them an opportunity to prove their worth. No other person can make you feel poor or unhappy because you do not have the things they do unless you choose to feel that you have a lack of them.

And do not tolerate any person or situation that makes you feel small. Seek the riches and the happiness in the now, hold it steady in your mind, and they will manifest almost magically, often beyond your highest expectations. You just have to hold onto the seeds of happiness and riches.

The Universe is coming for you.

The Universe wants the good energy to spread across its veins, its air, waters, and life. Brush off the good feeling to everyone and project confidence, happiness and optimism and people will believe that you are an abundant person. And when the belief of the people around you changes, you will grow more confidence, take on bigger risks and follow your calling and create more of the good energy.

There is never something for nothing. You spread the good energy and the universe will come to you. It is not wrong to dream big but you cannot allow yourself to be intimidated by it, proceed slowly and steadily and always project the feeling of happiness and abundance whenever you can – and greater things will come to you. The more you inspire others with your thought and feeling the more others will connect with you, and more people will be drawn towards you.

What excites you? If a billion dollars excites you, go for it. To chase high goals and take fun risks you must be confident. And this confidence comes from the abundant mindset that develops upon the belief that you have access to infinity, that you will always have more than enough. Stop comparing yourself to others. See how you are rich and then you will be able to enjoy the greater riches when they come to you, else you shall always see lack (or not enough) however much money you make.

To accomplish great things, you have to see how you have already achieved good things and then it will grow from there. It’s the growth that matters. The universe is ever expanding and with accelerated speed. And by the same laws that govern us, you must seek growth too. Seek for more life, more courage, more wealth. Use the energy you have to create greater and more fulfilling energies. Live, love, jump, run, swim, inspire others and seek the best. In your journey do not compare yourself to others or allow others to put you in comparison to themselves. Everything is relative. So it all depends on whether you see yourself richer than the person who you might think is the poorest man on the planet or whether you see yourself poorer than the person who you think is the richest man on this planet. Growth will take place regardless of what seed of thought you hold in your mind. Therefore keep the thought of happiness and wealth in your mind and it shall grow regardless.

And use your will to cleanse your thoughts whenever you are tempted to dwell upon lack or not enough. Think upon infinity. Think and contemplate upon it and realize that there will always be more than enough for you. And that thought will grow into manifestations even beyond your imagination.


The greatest effort required is: holding on to the thought of happiness and riches regardless of external circumstances. That requires great mental power. And the person who has cultivated and practiced the habit of thought preservation and focus can do it effortlessly. It’s much about practice. Hold on to the seeds of rich and happy thoughts until they grow to fill and overflow your mind and emanate the same impression of happiness and riches onto others. Use gratitude and prayer, and the fusion of the mind and the body to accomplish this. All you have to do is hold on the seeds of happiness and riches. The person with the greater energy with a practiced dominant mindset will preserve his thoughts and also emanate the same thoughts of riches and happiness on to others. The universe seeks greater energy, hold on to the seeds and prove that you are good a steward of your gifts of thought and you shall bathe in abundance as the seeds grow.

Financial independence is not even necessary, only the feeling of financial independence is what matters. The secret is only available to those who have worked hard to understand the language of the universe and work hard with their minds to dwell on happiness and abundance. And they enjoy all the spoils because they can do whatever they want. And if it is available to you it is a great boon for you indeed. Life has just found a way to hand you the seeds of greatness, the secrets to the accomplishment of wonders.

Use these seeds to become the greater person you were meant to be. Seed your gardens in the mind, and before you know it, you will have amazons of life growing exponentially. Hold the seeds well and you will have the purse of ever-growing riches.

Call forth the infinite source of wealth within you to create great things in work, art, or life. And inspire others to live off it. That is purpose.

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