All Within

You need your space. You need your time.
You need them to stop and find who you truly are.
You need them to become aware of your powers of awareness and emotions.
You need them to realize your visions.
You need them to realize your God self.
To realize that you are The All-Powerful.

All the things are created first within you,
the peace,
the tranquility,
the wealth,
the abundance,
the health,
the happiness,
the joy,
the accomplishment.

All the things you want thus must first
be made real within you.
Yes, if it exists within you,
and you enjoy and take pleasure in it,
it is only a matter of time before it manifests before your eyes.

Life is an interesting journey.
Be thankful that you do not have everything beforehand,
for it makes way for the pleasant surprises and lets you bask in its glow.

What are you focusing on today? Lack or abundance?
What are your actions reflecting today? Lack or abundance?
Are you overflowing or are you not enough?

The source of wealth is within you. The stock of this wealth runs deep. Deeper than you can use in your lifetime. There is way more than enough already within you.

All the things you want and the feelings they bring you, the feelings of accomplishment and joy which come from having, doing and being all that you ever wished for is already within you!

And the more you become aware of these feelings and project them out into the world with your actions, the sooner you will create them in your reality.

Act, believe and strive to be all that you ever wished to be in the now. And take every action from that state of being – from having already realized your wishes! And then let the magic happen.

Let go, take your hands off it and the Universe will not only bring in opportunities right up to your face but will tell you what to do and how to do. Trust it!

Just for today separate yourself from your schedule and from the goings-on of life and take out some time to spend living your greatest dreams. It’s that easy!

Yes! It’s that easy. Make it real and holographic and full of life – your vision.
And live the life already in the now. And soon the Universe will show you its powers and bring everything you ever wished for (with inconceivable precision), into your life and being, into your sight, into the world reality.

And somewhere down the line, you will realize that it had always been you, that you are the source. That you truly are the ALL.