The Truth

You will get what you want, that which you have vividly imagined and lived.
Yes, you will invariably get everything you’ve ever made real in your mind.

There is no doubt about that.

And when you come to the realization of how much power you truly hold and how easy it is for you to get what you ask for you will no longer run after your little fantasies, instead, you will seek greater understanding of the depths of your being.

You will want to understand the point of it all. You will want to know who you are. You will want to realize your endless possibilities. You will want to just be.

The spirit, your soul is the all-knowing all-powerful part of you, is you.
It knows all there is to know. It can help you do all that can be done.
There is nothing impossible for it. There is nothing impossible for you.

After you have fulfilled all of your heart’s desires, I pray that you take the time to seek yourself – to find out who it is that is conscious in you beyond your physical identity.
You are the Master of the Universe and yet you know it not.