From the depths of your heart

The deeper and truer your emotions the faster your dreams and visions are likely to manifest in the world around you.

Whatever you bring into your awareness spiritually and emotionally, from the depth of your heart, expresssing true appreciation for the things you wish for as deeply as possible… you will, with absolute certainty, manifest in your reality and fast!

You have to be in the spirit of your visions, you must be willing to live your dreams. The depth of your emotions coupled with the concentrated expression of your emotions creates spiritual channels with and through you which ultimately bring you what you ask for.

Therefore, express gratitude, appreciation, and love, for the things you wish for even before you have it in your reality. Be truly deeply grateful. The depth of your emotions will then open up the spiritual channels for you and (almost miraculously) line up events and circumstances on your path to bring in all the things you wish for into your life. It works!

Take good care of your heart. Take good care of your conscience. They are precious.
With an open heart and a clear conscience, you can experience and express deeper emotions. Eventually, when you are able to express genuine appreciation from the depths of your heart, you will find it easier to attract events, circumstances, and people into your life, often almost effortlessly.

What are you expressing today?
Appreciation for all the joy in life or the unhappiness from disappointments?
Appreciation for wealth or complaints of lack?

Get into the spirit of the things. Express genuine gratitude, honest appreciation, and love for all the things you wish to see in your life, and see the magic happen before your eyes. Let the Universe work out ‘hows’ as you ride your way to perfect laughter effortlessly attracting everything you desire into your perfect life.