The fire in your eyes

The days will pass. Weeks and months too.
And before you know it, years will flash by before your eyes.

There are things you want to do in life.
Travel the world.
Write a book.
Start a business.
Raise funds for charity.
Do meaningful shit.
Find meaning from life!

But do you notice?
The days are passing one after the other.
The sand steadily slips to the bottom of the hourglass.
It will not stop for you.

Yet you are wasting your days. You are generously squandering away your time for the things that you think will bring you completion.
Why are you doing what you are doing?
What are you chasing?

Stop living in mediocrity. Stop following the script society has set for us.
Do the things that your heart calls out you to do.

Stop chasing things and all that empty titles and symbols of status. The promotion at work, the faster car, the pricier clothes, will not bring you true fulfilment.
Listen to your heart. Let it guide you.
And hurl yourself into action.

Are you that man?
The man who has a fire blazing in his eyes.
He who works tirelessly to see his goal fulfilled.
He who holds hope in his heart even before insurmountable hurdles.

Are you that man?
The man who radiates purpose with every action he takes.
He who is focussed on his definite chief aim.
He who waivers not in doubt or failure.

Are you that man?

The days will pass. Weeks and months too.
And before you know it, years will flash before your eyes.

Time is ticking.
It passes as we speak.

Someday is never going to come if you are not prepared to use your today to make a change happen right now. Don’t just dream about things and swim in the infinite nothingness of inaction. The day to own your greatness is finally here.

Get off your stupid ass and chase your goals like your life depends on it!
Risk a little more. Force out of your cocoon and make shit happen.

Now .. Today….