Nothing is impossible

The universe is extremely precise.
It will bring upon you exactly what you ask you for.
Sometimes in a different package than you might have expected but always aligned to your greatest good. It knows the fastest, most harmonious way to get you to your dreams.

The Universe is always active, working behind the scenes whether you know it or not. Every thought you release, every emotion you radiate, every vision you indulge in, brings in like experiences in your reality.

The more positive and life-affirming thoughts you dwell upon, the more joy you express, the more you dream great dreams, the greater is your influence on the universal creative force. We create our lives as we go along, moment to moment, day to day. Live this day with joy and enthusiasm in your heart and express it freely without hesitation.

The world needs people who have come alive.
The needs the spark of joy, enthusiasm, and love.
Focus on all the good things in life. See the joy in every moment.

Never before in the history of the world has the common man enjoyed so much freedom.
We can travel across the world in less than day. We have free access to nearly all of knowledge of the world right in our pockets. There is more opportunity for creative expression today than ever before.

Dwell upon your dreams.
Envision them as often as you can.
Live them in the now.

Nothing is impossible for the Universe. It controls ALL things on this plane of existence. Coincidences, unexpected favors, and miracles will come to your aid, and you will be surprised how fast your can turn around to reflect your grandest dreams.

Nothing is impossible for the Universe.
Just ask. It is ever willing to shower its abundant goodness upon you.

Ask, immerse yourself in your wish with heart and spirit, and behold the inexplicable powers of the Universe!