What are you waiting for?

Larger than life.

You are here on this planet for a flicker of time.
100 years after you’re dead nobody’s going to care whether you got the promotions or whether you finished all the seasons of GOT in a weekend. 100 years later it is not going to matter what your neighbor bitched about you or how you were wronged by your friend.

Fuck all of that.
They do not matter.
None of that trivial bullshit matters.

What are you going to do in this life, in this flicker of time, is what truly matters! Yes, life is unfair, but so what? What are you going to do about it?

Stop passively surviving life, and make your life matter.
Stop letting things happen to you, and instead, YOU happen to things.

The world is pushed forward only by bold men and women.
People who don’t have time for bullshit and mediocrity.
People who are burning with a passion and have a bias towards action.

Stop making excuses. I have had enough of that.
Even you know you have had enough of that.
Make way for your dreams and work your ass off for it.

Time is ticking.
You are losing a minute every 60 seconds you waste.
How good use are you making of it?

Stop thinking about the thousand trifling things.
Fuck it! Who cares… you are dying.
It’s time to break out of your shell and start living larger than life.

And if anybody has a problem with that, they can go fuck themselves.
You are the bold confident thing that makes things happen.
You are the one that makes the probable, possible.
You don’t wait for permission.
You put your foot to the floor and GET SHIT DONE.

What are you waiting for?